Unique Multi-Mam Compresses win Project Baby Award

multimam_compress-awardsMulti-Mam Compresses have won a third gong – the prestigious new Project Baby Award – for their triple-acting effect on the nipples of breastfeeding mums.

Compresses are soft material patches impregnated with 2QR-complex, a patented derivative of aloe vera. They have a light plastic backing which prevents milk stains on underwear and they work by:

  • Giving immediate cooling and soothing relief on sore or cracked nipples
  • Creating a ‘moist wound environment’ which is clinically recognised to be the best way to support the natural healing process if you do have cracks
  • Protecting from infection –  2QR-complex, a derivative of aloe vera, is a long-chain molecule that works like a ‘net’ to trap harmful bacteria and stop them attaching to the skin, which is how bacteria colonise and cause inflammation and infection

Winning Silver in the Best Breastfeeding Accessories is the third time that Multi-Mam Compresses have been recognised officially – they also have TIPS awards by midwife Sharon Trotter and were shortlisted for the Prima Mother & Baby awards 2015.

They are also loved by mums who review them, saying they are “a godsend” and “a lifesaver” and that when they had sore or cracked nipples, Multi-Mam helped them carry on breastfeeding.

In a survey, 83% said that Multi-Mam Balm, Compresses or both provided relief when they experienced discomfort, and 86% reported a positive experience with both products.

Multi-Mam Balm can help to treat sore and cracked skin around the nipples, creating a more positive experience of breastfeeding.

Multi-Mam Compresses and Balm do not have to be washed off before feeding because the ingredients are natural and safe even if swallowed by babies. This is an advantage not just because of the convenience but because frequent washing dries out the skin on and around the nipples which can lead to soreness and cracks.


SEE www.multi-mam.co.uk, and Multi-Mam UK Facebook and Twitter pages.



Project Baby Awards launched this year, bringing 500 parents together to review and test a range of products. For further information email Emma at awards@project-baby.co.uk http://www.project-baby.co.uk/pb-awards/

Sharon Trotter is an independent midwife whose awards can be seen at http://www.tipslimited.co.uk

Survey of Multi-Mam users by Nonabox.

Multi-Mam Compresses are formulated with 2QR-Complex, a patented derivative of aloe vera which mimics the docking sites of human cells so that the corresponding binding sites of harmful bacteria latch on to 2QR instead of the human host, like a jigsaw piece. Without being able to attach to the human cells, the bacteria is prevented from colonising and causing symptoms such as inflammation and infection. And above all else, mums love them for their cooling and soothing effect on sore, hard-working nipples.

Multi-Mam is available at Boots, Superdrug, independent pharmacies and health food stores. If mums are having problems or pain with breastfeeding, they should seek help from an advisor about their positioning and latching. However while they are having problems, Multi-Mam can really help.