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Marvellous memories, brilliant ‘brelfies’ and vintage baby photos will be collected to capture the magic and benefits of breastfeeding with the Multi-Mam hashtag #bestfeeding during National Breastfeeding Celebration Week (June 18-27) on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s well known that breast is best for babies and that’s what #bestfeeding is about.

It’s also about memorable moments from women of all ages…when you were mesmerised by the marvel of your amazing body sustaining your infant completely, by the blissed-out look on their faces when they feed, laughing as you juggled the baby with layers of clothing to feed in a public place without exposing yourself. It’s about support and encouragement from one generation to another, from dads (we hear you Jamie Oliver!) as well as mums, sisters, aunties and friends.

One of the best things about breastfeeding is that it’s natural and so are award-winning Multi-Mam Compresses and Balm.

Mums who review them call them “a godsend” and “a lifesaver” and say that when they had sore or cracked nipples, Multi-Mam helped them carry on breastfeeding.

Compresses are small, soft material patches impregnated with triple-action 2QR-complex, a patented derivative of aloe vera. They have a light plastic backing which prevents milk stains on underwear and they work by:

  • Giving immediate cooling and soothing relief on sore or cracked nipples
  • Creating a ‘moist wound environment’ which is recognised to be the best way to support the natural healing process if you do have cracks
  • Protecting from infection – 2QR-complex, a derivative of aloe vera, is a long-chain molecule that works like a ‘net’ to trap harmful bacteria and stop them attaching to the skin, which is how they colonise and cause inflammation and infection

Multi-Mam Compresses and Balm do not have to be washed off before feeding because the ingredients are natural and safe even if swallowed by babies. This is an advantage not just because of the convenience but because frequent washing dries out the skin on and around the nipples which can lead to soreness and cracks.

They are an integral part of the highly successful breastfeeding programme for Private Midwives @ UK Birth Centres. They have 98% initiation of breastfeeding at the time of birth, and 100% of those mums are still breastfeeding when they are discharged, on average four weeks after giving birth. These figures are well above the national average.

Jo Watson, from Private Midwives @ UK Birth Centres, says: “We are thrilled to support and promote 2016 Breastfeeding Week. The fact is indisputable that human milk provides the very best in nutritional as well as health protection for babies ensuring they have a perfect start.

Kathy and George breastfeeding“As a midwife my role is to respect each woman as an individual so the breastfeeding journey they each undertake will be unique. I know that sadly many women are struggling these days and it is no small part to the lack of support in many instances. It is always worth promoting the idea that ‘it takes a village to bring up a child’ – this is very true regarding breastfeeding. Help from friends, family and local breastfeeding groups will always be of benefit.

“Multi-Mam is very much part of our approach of nurturing and protecting, soothing and healing women through the various stages of breastfeeding. The compresses are a cool, healing balm that allows nipples to be soothed and adjust to the demands of a newborn baby.”

One of Jo’s mums, Kathy (pictured) says: “Honestly it’s been a dream, I’ve not felt stressed or out of control at any point. It’s true its tiring and I can see how people might find it overwhelming at times but if you focus on the right things it’s just the best experience.”

To celebrate National Breastfeeding Week Multi-Mam are doing a Buy One Get One Free deal – buy Compresses and you get a FREE Balm when bought at www.purpleorchidpharma.com. They are available at Boots, Superdrug, independent pharmacies and health food stores.

If mums are having problems or pain with breastfeeding, they should seek help from an advisor about their positioning and latching. However while they are having problems, Multi-Mam can really help.

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To see a full article by Jo Watson on breastfeeding with tips go to www.healthewomen.co.uk

Multi-Mam Compresses have won the TIPS Must-Have award twice and were shortlisted for the Prima Baby Awards 2015. They are formulated with 2QR-Complex, a derivative of aloe vera which mimics the docking sites of the human cells so that the corresponding binding sites of harmful bacteria latch on to 2QR instead of the human host, like a jigsaw piece. Without being able to attach to the human cells, the bacteria is prevented from colonising and causing symptoms such as inflammation and infection. And above all else, mums love them for their cooling and soothing effect on sore, hard-working nipples.

National Breastfeeding Celebration Week will run from June 18-27 with the social media hashtag #celebratebreastfeeding. The aim is to raise awareness of the health and wellbeing benefits of breastfeeding for mothers, their infants and the long-term public health for everyone.

For further information about Multi-Mam visit www.multi-mam.co.uk or contact Kay Cox at the Communications and Marketing department of UK distributer Purple Orchid Pharma Ltd.


+44 (0) 7582 458 535


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Private Midwives @ UK Birth Centres is an insured provider of midwife services offering continuity of care throughout pregnancy and birth. For further information, see ukbirthcentres.com or call 0800 3800 579.

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