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Summer can be a Catch-22 situation for psoriasis sufferers – scientific studies back up what most people find…that sunlight can help psoriasis. But many people are too afraid of the stigma of stares to bare the scales on their skin and get the benefit of the sunny summer days.

The combination of Skincare Awareness Week 2016 (May16-22) and the current good weather makes this the perfect moment to help people with this condition – Loyon is giving away a FREE 50ml bottle of its psoriasis treatment to those who want to join its #psummer #pselfie social media competition.

Want to look wonderful within a week? Just check the Rules or visit the Loyon Facebook page to see how to claim your free 50ml bottle, then take before and after photos to join the #psummer #pselfie fun!

Fast-acting and gentle Loyon can de-scale psoriasis plaques in just a few days, leaving skin looking better and preventing bothersome flaking. That makes it easier psychologically to expose the skin to sunshine, which has been clinically shown to improve psoriasis1. Loyon also prepares the skin for primary treatments such as topical steroids or phototherapy so that they can work more effectively (phototherapy is an artificial form of the UV rays in sunshine which is delivered by dermatologists).

And babies can join the contest too – Loyon is a gentle and effective treatment for cradle cap, usually getting great results within three days. Just post your before and after pictures to show us your beautiful baby and enter the contest.

Consultant Dermatologist Sarah Wakelin said: “Sunshine can help psoriasis, and ultraviolet therapy is sometimes prescribed by dermatologists to treat this skin complaint. We know that too much sunshine and sunburn are harmful in the longer term and lead to skin cancer, so it’s important to get the balance right.  Extra care needs to be taken to protect babies and children.”



Loyon is an innovative, gentle treatment for psoriasis, and was shown in a trial2 to be as effective in the removal of plaques as salicylic acid, but without the negative effects.

Psoriasis affects around 1.8 million people in the UK3, causing a build-up of scales and inflamed, irritated skin that can have a huge physical and emotional toll on those who live with it.

Keratolytic treatments such as Loyon and salicylic acid are used to remove psoriasis scales or plaques on the skin so that treatments such as phototherapy can be used on the condition. The three main differences between Loyon and salicylic acid are:

  • Salicylic acid can cause skin irritation and burning, and in less common cases headaches and bleeding4. Not only is Loyon’s non-toxic formula mild and extremely well tolerated even on sensitive skin, it has a hydrating effect on psoriasis scales.
  • Salicylic acid cannot be used in conjunction with some of the secondary treatments such a phototherapy, Vitamin D and urea-based treatments. Loyon can actually prepare the skin and enhance the effects of these concomitant therapies.
  • Salicylic acid is not suitable for infants, the elderly and people with kidney or liver problems. Loyon is suitable for all these patient groups and is successfully used for cradle cap.

Loyon’s mild formula has a purely physical and very gentle mode of action, with no harsh chemicals, colourants, preservatives or fragrance. Its combination of dimethicones and dicaprylyl carbonate ingredients give it highly effective ‘creeping’ properties, allowing it to simply spread fast between the scaly cells, filling the spaces and loosening the links between cells so that they shed easily. This avoids creating bleeding tearpoints which are a common feature of other treatments and leave the patient open to infection.


In a survey of dermatologists, an impressive 88.3% said they were either ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with the treatment, and 92.6% of them would recommend it. Meanwhile 87.1% of patients were either ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with it and 86.2% would recommend it.

Karen Gardiner, Managing Director of Purple Orchid Pharma, explains why Loyon is a welcome addition to the UK market:

“We’re well aware of the severe emotional and physical effect that living with psoriasis can have, and we are glad to offer Loyon as a new and innovative treatment to people in the UK. Trials have shown that the feel of the product is well tolerated, and the results can be seen within just a few days, bringing fast relief from inflammation and scales, and allowing people to go about their daily lives.”

Clinical trials presented at the 7th International Congress of Psoriasis in London (Dec 2014) showed significant reduction in scales after seven days, and good tolerability of the Loyon.  Further trials are currently awaiting publication, and the interim results are positive.


Images below are taken from the Loyon trials at baseline and 8 days

scalp psoriasis before

Scalp psoriasis at baseline

scalp psoriasis after

Scalp psoriasis at 8 days

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