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Loyon is a new and efficient treatment for psoriasis and cradle cap that is now available OTC in the UK. Now available in 50ml bottle.

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Loyon is a new and efficient treatment for cradle cap and psoriasis that is now available OTC in the UK. It’s a non-toxic, non-sticky and non-messy lotion.

With no more than three treatments over eight days, in nearly 80% of cases, scales which had been described as severe or moderate were reduced to very mild or mild.

Loyon’s unique formula loosens cradle cap and psoriasis scales, allowing them to be gently removed without bleeding and the consequent risk of infection, which is so often the case with oils and other treatments.

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15ml, 50ml

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I’m so impressed with this product! Removing scaley build up on my scalp has usually meant using something that either smells awful (Cocois) or super greasy (pure coconut oil) which means I have to allow time to wash my hair 4 or 5 times after using it. Not to mention the amount of hair I’d lose each time was getting really upsetting as both these methods involve scraping the soften scales off your scalp with a comb. Brutal.

    This was such a different experience:

    Firstly – a full size free sample! How brilliant, psoriasis sufferers know it takes a while for a treatment to work so this is just ideal. You can give it time to work and decide if you want to pay for another bottle.

    Secondly – 2 different ways of applying it – a pump and a pipette which makes it that much easier to get onto your scalp instead of your hair – brilliant for us long haired types.

    Thirdly – NO SMELL! None. At. All.

    It washes out easily with a mild shampoo and if you’re careful with it or have shorter hair, you might find you’re comfortable applying it and then going out about your day as usual, instead of applying overnight and washing out in the morning as it suggests. It did leave my hair looking a bit greasy after I applied it but I was a bit excited and didn’t control the pipette very well.

    Two days after my first application I can say the flakes (which were falling like snow onto my shoulders) have reduced by about 70-80% which is a miracle for me. My scalp feels smoother and much more moisturised.

    Worth noting this will not get rid of your scalp psoriasis on it’s own, but it does clear the way for other treatments to do their thing without the scales getting in the way so they will work much faster. I’ve teamed this with Bettamousse (steroid based foam from my doctor) and really happy with the results even after a few days. Can’t recommend it enough!

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