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Loyon is an efficient treatment for cradle cap and psoriasis available over the counter in high street pharmacies. Loyon was awarded Gold in the best skincare category of the Project Baby Awards, and is a finalist in the Made For Mums Awards.

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Loyon is a new and efficient treatment for cradle cap and psoriasis that is now available OTC in the UK. It’s a non-toxic, non-sticky and non-messy lotion.

With no more than three treatments over eight days, in nearly 80% of cases, scales which had been described as severe or moderate were reduced to very mild or mild.

Loyon’s unique formula loosens cradle cap and psoriasis scales, allowing them to be gently removed without bleeding and the consequent risk of infection, which is so often the case with oils and other treatments.

Loyon is recommended by the Maternity Nurse Association.

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