Loyon cradle cap treatment wins gold in Project Baby Awards

packshot_loyon_awardCradle cap treatment Loyon has won Gold in the Best Skincare category of the Project Baby Awards, announced today.

Loyon was launched last year after clinical evidence revealed that olive oil, which had previously been the favoured treatment, could damage the skin’s barrier function(1).

In a clinical study(2), Loyon was shown to be effective for cradle cap in one to three treatments over eight days. Its unique mode of action avoids the temptation of parents to pick at the crusts, which can cause bleeding and infection. Loyon is:

  • Gentle but effective
  • Fast acting
  • Non-toxic, non-messy, non-sticky

The formula is very easily applied and spreads exceptionally well, flowing into the gaps between the hard cells of the crust, which loosens the links between these cells, called corneocytes. This means they fall off naturally and the skin underneath is free of scales.

Dr Karen Gardiner, managing director of UK distributer Purple Orchid Pharma, said: “We are delighted that the value of this gentle and effective treatment has been recognised, especially since the judges of Project Baby Awards are parents who have tested it on their infants. It’s a genuine accolade we are very proud.” 

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(1) Effect of olive and sunflower seed oil on the adult skin barrier: implications for neonatal skincare. Pediatric Dermatology, Vol 30, No 1, 2013

(2) Topical, Non-Medicated LOYON® in Facilitating the Removal of Scaling in Infants and Children with Cradle Cap: a Proof-of-Concept Pilot Study, Dermatology Therapy Journal, August 15, 2014

Project Baby Awards launched this year, bringing 500 parents together to review and test a range of products. For further information email Emma at awards@project-baby.co.uk

Loyon is available from Boots, independent pharmacies, Amazon and Purple Orchid’s online shop.

Apply to dry skin and gently massage in. Leave in place for three hours or longer, for example overnight, to take effect. Wash off with a mild shampoo. Repeat application as required.