Loyon Baby Cradle Cap treatment is a winning formula

loyon baby - Made for mums finalistCradle cap treatment Loyon Baby is a finalist in the prestigious Made For Mums Awards, announced yesterday. It is the second time in six months that Loyon’s unique rapid and gentle mode of action has been given a gong – it won Gold in the Best Skincare category of the Project Baby Awards in September.

Most products which claim to be cradle cap treatments are shampoos and emollients with no clinical study evidence to show that they are effective.

Loyon Baby was launched in 2015 after a study revealed that olive oil, which had previously been the favoured treatment, could damage the skin’s barrier function1.

Loyon Baby was shown in a scientific study2 to be effective for cradle cap in a maximum of three treatments over eight days. When parents pick at crusts or rub them off with brushes, towels or combs, this can cause bleeding and infection. But after the application of Loyon Baby, the crusts are loosened and can be easily removed, leaving baby’s gentle scalp undamaged.

Loyon Baby is:

  • Gentle but effective
  • Fast acting
  • Non-toxic, non-messy, non-sticky

The formula is very easily applied and spreads exceptionally well, flowing into the gaps between the hard cells of the crust, which loosens the links between these cells, called corneocytes. This means they fall off naturally and the skin underneath is free of scales.

Dr Karen Gardiner, managing director of UK distributer Purple Orchid Pharma, said: “Loyon has been proven in science to be effective but it’s also important for parents to see that other parents recommend it and voted for it after trying it themselves. The innovative action of Loyon has been welcomed by health visitors and parents alike, they have been delighted to find a solution that is not only mild and gentle but extremely effective.”

Loyon Baby and Loyon for Psoriasis have a purely physical mode of action – as a keratolytic, they promote the shedding of the horny outer layer of skin. There is no chemical process, such as with products containing salicylic acid, which has a poor side effect profile. In fact, Loyon for Psoriasis was also proven to be as effective as 10% salicylic acid3 in removing the scales of psoriasis on the scalp, which is the hardest area to treat. It prepares the skin for primary treatment and unlike salicylic acid it works well with concomitant treatments such as phototherapy, and it is suitable for all ages and people with liver or kidney dysfunction.

(1) Effect of olive and sunflower seed oil on the adult skin barrier: implications for neonatal skincare. Pediatric Dermatology, Vol 30, No 1, 2013
(2) Topical, Non-Medicated LOYON® in Facilitating the Removal of Scaling in Infants and Children with Cradle Cap: a Proof-of-Concept Pilot Study, Dermatology Therapy Journal, August 15, 2014
(3) Jacobi A, Mayer A, Anastasiadou Z, Augustin M. Keratolytic activity of a novel topical dimeticone formulation (PB/LO-112) compared to 10 % salicylic acid oil in patients with psoriasis capitis.  7th International Congress Psoriasis: From Gene to Clinic; 2014 December 11-13; London, UK.

Loyon Baby and Loyon for Psoriasis are available from Boots, independent pharmacies and Stress no more online shop.
Apply to dry skin and gently massage in. Leave in place for three hours or longer, for example overnight, to take effect. Wash off the hair with a mild shampoo. Repeat application as required.


  1. Hi !

    My Grandson who is now almost 6 suffered cradle cap up until the age of about three & a half. The only successful treatment was Loyon but I’m really worried that I may have overused it. Although he has very soft curls & the hair grows well, there are kind of strips of thin areas on top of his head. The back of his head is certainly a lot thicker & seemingly darker.

    Is this likely to to have damaged follicles either permanently or until a later age?

    Thank you for any advice.

    Kind regards.

    Marjorie Marlow

    • Hello Marjorie,

      Loyon has a physical mode of action and therefore cannot be overused, so no need to be worried about that.

      Best regards,
      Purple Orchid Pharma team

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