Hope for couples affected by cuts in IVF funding

Couples worried by BBC news reports today about funding cuts for IVF may be interested in a supplement, backed by clinical data, which could help them conceive.

Unlike other supplements, Androferti’s unique formulation of L-Carnitine, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants have been tested in peer-reviewed clinical studies.

They show that the great-tasting orange flavoured drink:

  • Improves sperm concentration
  • Improves sperm mobility and capacity to fertilise the egg
  • Reduces damage to the sperm head (vacuoles)
  • Reduces DNA fragmentation

If a man has more sperm that can swim better and have better capacity to fertilise the egg, he improves his chance of conceiving a baby. These improvements in sperm quality parameters can also help to reduce the risk of implantation failure and some forms of miscarriage.

Androferti is effective whether you are trying to conceive spontaneously or if you have started assisted fertility treatment. If you are on a waiting list for treatment, taking Androferti can help you conceive before you start. And it means that clinics can retrieve a better choice of high-grade sperm to use in treatments.

Sperm retrieved from men who have taken Androferti have been shown to degenerate at a slower rate, so doctors have a longer period of time in which to use the sample in treatment.

In any case, it’s time for men to play a bigger part in the process when couples can’t conceive. Most of the treatments available are focused on the woman, and many people don’t even know that men’s sperm can deteriorate as they age, or if they have had STIs such as Chlamydia – and they aren’t aware that there are treatments to support and improve sperm quality.

There are emotional issues for men too – they can feel sidelined or left out of conversations and processes, except to provide the occasional sample and offer support to their partners, who undergo numerous examinations and medical procedures.

Dr Karen Gardiner, managing director of Androferti’s UK distributor Purple Orchid Pharma, said: “Androferti is an extraordinary supplement, tested to unparalleled levels. There is no requirement for supplements to have clinical data to support their use, but Androferti is produced by a family pharmaceutical manufacturing company which has put it through the process as they would with their other products. Studies are ongoing in many countries. It is also produced in a facility which has internationally recognised high quality standards of manufacture for pharmaceuticals.”


Androferti is manufactured in Spain by Q Pharma and has been successfully used in Europe both in clinics and by the public.

Improvements in sperm have been proven after just one month, with even more advantages after three months. For best results, a six-month course is advised, so that the benefit is gained over two complete cycles of sperm production.

A crucial factor in Androferti’s positive results is the correct dose of L-Carnitine, which is known to improve sperm motility. Most supplements don’t include enough L-Carnitine to make a difference. But it’s also a mistake to add too much more, as some products do. It does not mean that sperm swimming ability improves correspondingly. Absorption reaches saturation at 2g so adding more beyond that point speeds up excretion and LESS is absorbed. Since L-Carnitine is also present in some food, the dose in Androferti is 1.5g, for optimal absorption.

Androferti is also taken twice a day rather than once because studies have shown that L-Carnitine is used steadily over a 12-hour span so dosing twice a day maintains optimal levels of L-Carnitine in the body to have the best effect on sperm as it is produced.


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